an Elegant Bathroom Remodel
in Your Home

How would you like to learn tricks-of-the-trade for a beautiful bathroom remodel in your home? 

From a trusted professional in the business?...

All the while adding equity to your home?

For over 25 years I helped hundreds of customers remodel their bathrooms to beyond their expectations through my company, Tile Plus.

Bathroom Remodel with Onyx Mosaic

Remodeling Trade-Secrets


Having a great house with a great bathroom. It's the perfect investment, plus it will impress your friends. I will show you how to...

  1. Get the perfect renovation idea for your bathroom.
  2. Choose the right tile.
  3. Pick a design/pattern that gives it that extra "oomph".
  4. Choose a complementary grout color.
  5. Gain insight into how elegant your bathroom remodel will look.
  6. Include the detail that transforms a good installation into a great one.
  7. Add equity AND comfort to your home.
  8. And so much more...

The majority of buyers in the market for a new home are looking for NEW bathrooms and kitchens. Have you ever heard of a buyer asking their realtor for a home with an original bathroom?

Remodeling your bathroom only makes it more appealing to you and future buyers. Remodeling your bathroom is money well-spent.

Bathroom Remodel: Stone Facade

My name is David Amsalem and I am the owner of Tile Plus Inc., a professional tile installation business with a 25+ year reputation among the residents San Francisco's Bay Area. Take advantage of my know-how and experience to help you design and remodel your ideal bathroom.

You can spot great bathroom remodeling by the quality of its enhancements:

  • Smooth, even flooring
  • Straight, flush walls
  • Large flat counter tops
  • Ornate fittings
  • and so on...

Tile is the perfect enhancement, it is durable, aesthetic and has just the right amount of pop.

Don't start a bathroom makeover blind. Gain insight from me by reading these pages I've written just for you.

Elegant Bathroom Remodel

For those of you who live in or near San Francisco's Bay Area, you have the option of using our highly professional tile installation services. My company is based upon exceeding our customer's expectations, with regards to an organized delivery of a high-quality installation.

If you are not local to my company, I will do my best to provide you with enough information to make sure your bathroom makeover experience is as informative and smooth as possible.

So go ahead and read through my site. Get informed! Best of luck to you and your future bathroom!

Table of Contents

Bathroom Renovation Ideas
Bathroom renovation ideas will supply you with plenty of food for thought in order to spruce up your own bathroom.
Bathroom Tile Ideas
Here you will find some great bathroom tile ideas to remodel your floor, walls and more...
Bathroom Designs
What should your bathroom designs be? Learn the DOs and DON'Ts of design here.
Bathroom Makeovers
How exactly are bathroom makeovers done? Please read on and I will explain...
Bathroom Remodel Glossary
This bathroom remodel glossary is clear-cut and simple in defining key terms.
About Us
Who are the creators of Elegant Bathroom Remodel? Learn about us here.
Contact Us
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